Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal

I've noticed that I haven't really done any Islamic posts. That's quite strange, it doesn't really reflect how much I talk about it in real life. I don't wanna force it though, so here goes another non-religious (should I just call it secular for the fun of it?) post..

OK so I've been working for 3 days now. Alhamdulillah. And I really mean that. But I can't deny that it's pretty boring. No, wait. It's REEEEAALLY boring. Alhamdulillah. I don't wanna sound like I'm complaining, I'm very greatful (stupid spell checker, I AM NOT IN AMERICA, stop telling me to incorrectly spell it as grateful!) to have a job when so many people (especially in the current economic climate) are so desperate to find a job. I'm just trying to describe how I'm finding it so far. So let me give you a break down of how it's gone..

Day 1
  1. I woke up waay too early (well it was actually on time, but generally speaking, it was waay too early).
  2. Got in the car (my sister drives me, it's the Qadr of Allah that I managed to get a job 45 minutes away from home in the building exactly opposite hers).
  3. Fell asleep in the car (she didn't appreciate that too much).
  4. Got to work.
  5. Got bored.
  6. Had lunch.
  7. Got bored.
  8. Finished work, went hunting around the area for somewhere to pray (found a place after 45 minutes), and then waited for my sister to finish work in the car (which took about another 45 minutes).
Once again, alhamdulillah. I need to keep saying that to myself, or else I might start taking it for granted. Why was the day so boring? Mainly because of problems with setting up the computer I was working on, and so I ended up actually spending the day doing nothing but sitting around, staring, sticking out as the only bearded guy in a shirt and trousers in a building full of beardless men in shirts and trousers (the word bearded and brown can be used interchangeably there). But hey, they still paid me. Paid me to sit around all day doing nothing. Alhamdulillah :).

Day 2

A much better day. My computer was working, so I got cracking on the work they gave me. Despite working in a company that is intrinsically linked with my degree (I'm studying chemical engineering, what a stereotype..), the role I can be given can only be described as a glorified Administration Assistant. I don't mind, but the work gets pretty tedious pretty soon. But it keeps me busy.

Day 3

Went for a little drive with someone at work to a site further up north in the country. Took 2.5 hours to get there, was there for about 3 hours, and then it took about 4.5 hours to get back (plenty of traffic, we covered about 2 miles in 2 hours, no joke). Which was highly convenient as I had a driving lesson at 6.30 (my test is on Friday, make du'a!), at which time I had only gotten back to the office. But once again, I got paid. I got paid for sitting in a car for 7 hours and falling asleep and eating some raisins.

Alhamdulillah :).

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